Wiz Khalifa Leaves Warner Bros.

I’ve heard that this was in the works for a minute, and now it’s official. Good for you brother. No reason to sit around stagnating on a major label roster when you’ve got a genuine buzz going. It’s a straight up travesty that nobody over there could figure out figure what do with this kid in the two years that they had him under contract.

Hit the jump for the full press release.

Wiz Khalifa Leaves Warner Bros.

After numerous delayed release dates for his debut album, Rostrum Records recording artist Wiz Khalifa has left Warner Bros. Records. The 21-year old Pittsburgh MC signed with Warner Bros. in June of 2007, and early the next year had a Billboard Top 25 hit with “Say Yeah.” Prior to signing with Warner Bros., Khalifa and his Rostrum Records team were part of a riveting grassroots movement that caught the attention of Rolling Stone, XXL, MTV, Fuse, and all of the major labels.

Rostrum Records President, Benjy Grinberg, says, “We feel that this ‘divorce’ is the best thing for both parties at this juncture and we appreciate the leniency Warner has shown with our release. We are excited to be independent again.”

The rest of 2009 is set to be a busy one for Wiz. He will immediately be dropping a new single “Teach U To Fly,” a mixtape entitled “How Fly” with New Orleans MC Curren$y, and another solo mixtape to follow up his critically acclaimed “Flight School” for the Fall. Wiz is currently touring the country on his “Orientation Tour” with remaining stops in Alabama, Ohio, Atlanta, Florida, St Louis, and ending July 31st in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. Wiz is also set to headline a cross-country tour in the Fall.

Wiz adds, “I’d like to thank Warner Bros. for understanding our reasons for wanting to leave. I learned a lot during my time there and matured as an artist during the process. I’m happy to be moving on with all of my material and having the chance to be in control of my next moves.”


~ by Trey Michaels on July 16, 2009.

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