Blu – Soul Amazing (Mixtape) pts. 1 & 2

When this initially came out around last December, I fell in love with this dude’s music. A couple songs on here i.e. Maintain, and MyBoyBlu are everything i wanna hear from a song. I just felt it is my duty to try and put some of you guys onto Blu. So here I am doing nothin, why not post some of his stuff right? Im just too smart.. Continue Reading for Tracklist and Download. Alright.

2.Get It Now (Feat. Move.Ment, Trek Life)
3.City of Los(t) Ang(e)les (Feat. Co$)
4.Dope 4 Gold (Feat. Sene)
5.Spanish Winter
6.My Boy Blu
7.It’s Okay (Pt.One) (Feat. Myth, Definite)
8.Local Legends
10.Sun In My Face (Feat. Jontel, J Dilla)
11.Never Ending (Feat. Mumbles, Flora Purim)
12.Top 5 N Luv (Taking A Little Break)
13.Hostile Gospel (Remix) (Feat. Talib Kweli, Joell Ortiz)
14.Bad News Barnes
15.Stoopid (A Day Late, A Dollar Short (Feat. Sene)
16.Mars (Remix)
17.Fly (Song of Liberation) (Prod. Exile)
18.Maintain (Feat. Donell, Smokes, Jontel, Co$)

Download: Blu – SoulAmazing (Mixtape) | Pt. 2


~ by Trey Michaels on May 11, 2009.

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